SMART Notebook Skills Practice

Create a new SMART Notebook file, and save it as “SMART Practice”.
2. Use the Capture tool to capture a screen image of your favorite website to the first page

of the SMART Notebook file.
3. Type the word Hello on the screen image in purple ink. (Or something more appropriate like "Go Riders!" in green!)
4. Add a second page.
5. Copy the word Hello on the first page. Paste the copied Hello on to the second page of the file

and increase the font size.
6. Create a 2x3 table and position the table in the bottom left corner of the second page.
7. Type your name, e-mail address and daytime telephone number (including area code) in the

bottom cells of the table.
8. Shade the top cells of the table orange.
9. Add another page.
10. Using the Shapes button, create two arrows on the third page.
11. Rotate the arrows so that one points to the right-hand side of the screen, and the other

points to the top of the screen.
12. Activate the Alignment Guides (both the vertical and horizontal page center guides). Line up
the arrows horizontally in the middle of the page.
13. Make the inside of the right-pointing arrow green and lock it in place.
14. Make the inside of the top-pointing arrow a Gradient Fill selecting red as color one, and yellow

as color two.
15. Turn off the Alignment Guides.
16. Add another page.
17. Click the Gallery tab, and add two images from the gallery to your page.
18. Change the page title to Using the Gallery.
19. Add another page.
20. Insert any Lesson Activity Toolkit multimedia object on the page. Edit the object.
21. Add three new pages named One, Two, Three. Add a New Group of these three pages. Call the Group "Links".
22. Select a Theme from the Gallery and apply the theme to the pages in the Links group.
23. Add any two images from the Gallery to the new page and arrange them so that one partially covers

the other.
24. Group the images together, copy them, and paste them to another page.
25. Reverse the order of the pasted images so that the image that was on the bottom is now on the top.
26. Add a hyperlink to the pasted images that links to your favorite web site.
27. Change the order of the pages named One, Two, Three.
28. Attach a word processing document (e.g., MSWord) to this SMART Notebook file.

Congratulations! You have now completed the SMART Notebook Practice session! Go forth and create!