SMART Board Introduction

  • Pen tray tools – pens and erasers, keyboard, right-click
  • Orienting – drag and remove
  • Access and control app’s – double touch = double click (IE or anything else),
  • Digital Ink - pick up pen turns on Digital Ink layer (Clear, Capture, Close), edit Digital Ink on Notebook, no Digital Ink Layer when using Notebook, select items you write and convert to text
  • Ink Aware Applications – MSOffice, look for toolbar (insert writing as image, convert writing to text, capture), PPT is a bit different (Backward, Options, Forward), play with other PPT options (add drawings, add note slides, double-click to advance or reverse, Save As new ppt with notes)
    *SMART Recorder - Great tool to capture on-screen instructions and procedures

SMART Notebook Basics
  • Perfect shapes
  • Cloning - regular and infinite
  • Group – sometimes does this for you intuitively
  • Ungroup
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Dual screen mode
  • Extra tools (use widget, access full menu with right-click on top tool bar)
  • Show how change properties of custom tools (pens, etc.)
  • Marquee selection – real name for “select all”
  • Keyboard shortcuts also still work

o Properties Tab
§ Look for button or tab (fourth from top)
§ Fool around with all types of objects, images, text, lines, etc. *can’t do premade images

o Themes
§ Themes in Gallery (not Backgrounds! Like old days of gluing down something, then you can’t change it UNLESS you choose the BLANK BACKGROUND)
§ Create your own page from FORMAT-THEME-FROM PAGE
§ Save theme into My Content (can save anything you use lots there)

o Active Alignment
§ Format – Alignment
§ Make sure to turn off before quitting or the lines will show up

o Tables
§ Kinda tricky
§ Play with merge, delete, cell and table properties, etc.
§ Shade entire tables or just cells

o Lesson Pages
§ Much available in Lesson Activity Toolkit
§ Look under Essentials, there are pull tabs you can change the properties of, etc.

o Groups
o Use to organize all your stuff
o Grouping with colors

Create a copy of displayed pages (layers on one, change colors on other) with features above

Other Items

Airliners, SMART Response, SMARTTech Training