SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard
SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard
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I Remember.mp4 - Is this the future...or the present?!?
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Oct 2, 2009 Inservice Day Agenda
  1. Housekeeping
  2. SMARTResponse
  • Are You SMARTer Than A 21st Century Student?
  • Creating SMARTResponse quizes - INSTRUCTIONS
  • Other SMART hardware - Airliner Slate and Document Camera
3. What does a 21st Century Classroom look like?
  • 21st Century Students - Video "A Vision of K-12 Students Today"
  • Production Team Task - Create a digital vision of what the 21C Classroom looks like
  • Present vision & post on wiki
4. Cell Phones in the classroom
5. "New" software - Comic Life, Adobe PhotoShop and Premiere Elements, Lego Digital Designer, abReader . . .
  • Search for tutorials, videos, examples, etc.
6. Wrap up - Video "3 Steps for 21st Century Learning"

How do you set up an Interactive Whiteboard?
SMARTBoard For Beginners.doc

Are there any resources included with the SMARTBoard?

How about other places to get some resources?
Smart website
This wiki!

What about those Senteo clickers?